With home intrusion and attempted burglary’s becoming an ever increasing issue, the need for CCTV has almost become necessity in giving people peace of mind when leaving, or even being in their own home. Using market leading equipment combined with a smart phone app, means that keeping an eye on your property or belongings has never been so simple.

Whether commercial, or domestic, Corinium Security Systems endeavour to put your needs as a top priority. Varying camera specifications can aid each individual site, from 4K Ultra HD cameras to 2MP Ultra Low Light Dark fighter cameras Corinium Security Systems can help design a system that works best for you. Our CCTV systems boast exceptional picture quality and outstanding night vision – footage is crisp and clear with a high level of detail. You can access this on your smartphone, tablet device or PC on demand, meaning you can keep tabs on your home or business at any time of the day, whatever your physical location. Our systems are very user friendly and can be connected to your TV’s HDMI port for instant viewing and complete peace of mind.