Installing an intruder alarm is a very effective way to reduce loss in the event of an intrusion. In order to ensure our system will meet with your requirements we will carry out a no obligation survey to assess the property to be protected and how the system will be installed.

We install systems in Domestic and Commercial properties and our systems are installed to the highest relevant standards. We pride ourselves in the quality of our installations making sure that we go that little bit extra to ensure to system meets your requirements and will provide reliable operation for years to come.

The main manufacturer that we use is one of the market leaders, a UK based and manufactured Company called Orisec. Orisec offer unrivalled service and product quality, as well as unparalleled reliability. Please feel free to click the link below to browse some of their products.

Types of security alarm

Wireless burglar alarms vs wired
A wireless burglar alarm can be the best option if you want a security alarm that causes minimal disruption when installed.
Wireless alarms used to be viewed as less reliable than their hardwired counterparts, but these days they’re both stable and secure. Wireless burglar alarms are also quicker to install than a traditional system. A wireless system can also be moved and extended easily.
However, there are some downsides to wireless burglar alarms. The batteries that all the component parts run on will need to be replaced every couple of years, but it’s worth noting that this is increasingly rare and they’re much more reliable than they used to be.

A wired system is often cheaper to buy than a wireless system, but it costs a lot more to install and is more disruptive. It will typically take a day or two to install a wired system, as cabling has to be routed around your house. In contrast, a wireless system can be up and running within a few hours.

security system maintenance

System Takeovers

We also offer a Takeover service for systems installed by others. This includes a replacement Bell box and a comprehensive system check prior to commissioning.


All Intruder Alarms, like boilers, need a good service to keep them working efficiently. It also works well to keep potential issues under control. Our maintenance packages can either be annually or 6 monthly. Maintenance visits start at just £55!